Case Studies

How do we actually help?

  • Cultural differences: We helped colleagues involved in a cross- cultural merger, in particular practising meetings and social situations. We used two teachers to create more life like situations.
  • Telephone conversations: we calmed the fears of a senior executive by devising a programme to reduce the level of uncertainty in day to day and conference calls.
  • Sales team: we helped a Sales team leader devise and motivate his team by practising and perfecting his presentation to them and then supporting him through the launch of the next catalogue of products.
  • Brexit! We trained several European executives preparing for Brexit within their company.

Presentations: many clients come to us to build and practice important presentations. We aim for everyone to leave with a confident attitude, ready to deal with the unexpected questions and always ready to adapt the presentation  according to the audience.

It’s not just grammar, it’s Business English for real life 

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