Who we are

We believe that business people are looking for special teachers who have real business experience. So we only employ teachers with a strong business background. These teachers have lived and worked in other countries and understand the needs of today’s business men and women. We offer fast results and enjoyable lessons at a time to suit you.

Real experience, real teaching

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Penny Cameron Watt started the school in 2005 after a career in investment management in London and Hong Kong.

Since the school opened , clients have given us top marks for client satisfaction and have recommended us to their colleagues and friends.


Here are a few examples of our feedback:

” You have a very charming and interesting way of teaching. I enjoyed the discussions very much”

Today I had my first feeling of success when I phoned someone in  English with no hesitation and I had no problem in finding the right words”

” My course matched my needs exactly”

” It was a wonderful week”


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